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Emmy® Award winning animation director/artist Ron Noble has transformed the alphabet into the Letter Beasties. 

A revolutionary concept where popular creatures from folklore have been cleverly morphed into the first letter of their name.  

Letter Beasties products include a best-selling Amazon Children's Book, Animated YouTube Shorts and even monogram jewelry...with many more products in the works.

Having Fun While Learning

The Beasties are BOTH letters and fully mobile cartoon characters in ONE!

Instead of seeing letter P next to a picture of a Pirate, now letter P actually IS a Pirate! Letter A is a walking, talking Alien… NO abstract association needed, and NO awkwardly contorted characters in frozen poses. The Letter Beasties will create lifelong educational memories for children by having them laugh and emotionally bond with the Letter Beasties as fun e... Read more

Book Reviews

Natasha Yim

In the Letter Beasties ABC book, each letter of the alphabet is a beast or creature from familiar folklore. There's Alien Beastie, Kraken Beastie, Werewolf Beastie, and Zombie Beastie. For parents who may be concerned about whether you should be telling tales of werewolves and zombies to your kids at bedtime, don t worry. The vibrant and whimsical illustrations of beasties in the shapes of the letters they represent are charming and humorous. They brought a few chuckles to my six-year-old kindergartener. Now, there's high praise indeed. Another clue that a kid likes a book? They'll ask to read it again...and again...and again...

Nov 4, 2022
Andrew W. Johns

5 Stars! These letters are charming beasties. I may never look at my letters the same way again. Like most ABC books, each letter is accompanied by an illustration and a brief line about the letter. However, instead of showing something that starts with the letter, the letters themselves are the stars of this show. Each one is charmingly illustrated as a beastie, and the text tells us a little something about each of these beasties. The illustrations are delightful, and the descriptions are likely to charm the kids, which should make this a great tool for helping to teach the alphabet and makes it stands out against usual children's books.

Nov 4, 2022

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